White Lightning X1600 White Lightning X1600 White Lightning X1600 White Lightning X1600
White Lightning™ X1600 Flash Unit
Part Number: X1600
Price: $439.95

  • 8 f-stop power variability (20 to 660 Ws; 5 to 165 Ws)
  • dual power modes: full and quarter power
  • stepless slider adjustment from full to 1/32 and 1/4 to 1/128 power
  • 2 second recycle to full power
  • 1/600 second flash duration (t.1) at full power
  • internally fan cooled for heavy duty use
  • WYSIWYG modeling previews
  • independent slider for modeling lamp adjustment
  • standard 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz power requirements
  • 4.9 pounds total weight
  • FREE White Lightning™ Carrying Bag included with purchase
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 5-Year Factory Warranty
The White Lightning™ X-Series X1600 is a powerful, self-contained studio flash unit with dual power modes offering a total power variability range of 8 f-stops. The flashpower is independently adjustable from full power (660 Ws) down to 1/32nd of the total power (10 Ws) in Full Power Mode, and adjustable from 1/4 power (165 Ws) down to 1/128th of the total power (5 Ws) in Low Power Mode.

This flashpower is adjusted on the back control panel with a slide fader, capable of adjusting in whole f-stop increments and everywhere in between. When adjusted from a higher to a lower setting, the unit will automatically dump the excess power for accurate output. A Power Range button allows switching between the modes for higher power vs. lower power and faster flash duration.

The X1600 contains a thermostatically controlled internal cooling fan, which automatically kicks in when the temperatures rise from extended use. This allows the unit to be used under heavy all-day shooting conditions. With its fast recycle and fast flash duration, the X1600 unit is ideal for professionals who have a wide range of power needs.

With precision voltage regulated circuits supplying consistent output, the X1600 offers “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” modeling lamp accuracy. The modeling lamp can be set to full brightness, turned completely off, or independently adjusted over the same range as the flashpower to track the power changes, with its own rear panel slide fader. Furthermore, the 250 Watt modeling lamp may be used as a recycle indicator, dimming as the unit recycles, and coming back on to let you know when the unit is fully recycled.

The X1600 arrives with a sync cord allowing you to connect your camera to the unit to trigger the flash. The unit additionally has a built-in slave tripper to allow wireless firing. The unit has standard 120 VAC (50-60 Hz) power requirements and arrives with our 15-foot power cord to connect to a standard, grounded outlet for power. For additional ease of operation, the X1600 has audible warning alarms for misfire and overheat, should the unit reach higher temperatures, or fail to fire (due to a broken flashtube, etc.).

The X1600 is indestructible, housed in high impact aircraft-grade aluminum, with molded polycarbonate rear bezels, and rounded corners for ease and safety.
X-Series X800 X-Series X1600(full) X-Series X1600(1/4) X-Series X3200(full) X-Series X3200(1/4)
True Wattseconds 330 Ws 660 Ws 165 Ws 1,320 Ws 330 Ws
Lumenseconds 14,000 Ls 28,000 Ls 7,000 Ls 56,000 Ls 14,000 Ls
Power Variability 6 f-stops
(full to 1/32)
6 f-stops
(full to 1/32)
6 f-stops
(1/4 to 1/128)
6 f-stops
(full to 1/32)
6 f-stops
(1/4 to 1/128)
Recycle to 100% 1 second 2 seconds 1/2 second 4 seconds 1 second
Flash Duration (t.5) 1/3300 sec. (at full)
1/1650 sec. (at 1/32)
1/1800 sec. (at full)
1/900 sec. (at 1/32)
1/6000 sec. (at 1/4)
1/900 sec. (at full)
1/450 sec. (at 1/32)
1/3300 sec. (at 1/4)
Flash Duration (t.1) 1/1100 sec. (at full)
1/550 sec. (at 1/32)
1/600 sec. (at full)
1/300 sec. (at 1/32)
1/2000 sec. (at 1/4) 1/300 sec. (at full)
1/150 sec. (at 1/32)
1/1100 sec. (at 1/4)
Power Requirements 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Average Current Draw 6 amps average 6 amps average 6 amps average
Sync / Trigger Voltage less than 6 volts less than 6 volts less than 6 volts
Modeling Lamp 250 watt supplied
(250 watt max.)
250 watt supplied (250 watt max.) 250 watt supplied (250 watt max.)
Flashtube 14mm single-ring tube 14mm single-ring tube 14mm single-ring tube
Stand Mount fits stands up to 5/8" fits stands up to 5/8" fits stands up to 5/8"
Umbrella Mount fits poles up to 3/8" fits poles up to 3/8" fits poles up to 3/8"
Standard Reflector 7AB/R 7-inch silver reflector
(80° beam spread)
7AB/R 7-inch silver reflector (80° beam spread) 7AB/R 7-inch silver reflector (80° beam spread)
Weight 4.1 pounds 4.9 pounds 7.1 pounds
Dimensions 11.875” l x 7.125” h x 4.6875” w 11.875” l x 7.125” h x 4.6875” w 15.625” l x 7.125” h x 4.6875” w

Dimensions Note: length measurements taken from the front of the shipping cover (in place on the unit’s faceplate) to the back panel; height measurements taken from the top of the umbrella screw to the bottom of the light stand top coupler, folded back underneath the unit; width measurements taken from side to side at the widest points

See Expected Output
Connecting the flash unit to your camera: Each White Lightning™ flash unit arrives with the SC standard 15-foot sync cord for hardwired connection to your camera. The cord connects to the flash unit on the unit’s back control panel (1/4-inch sync plug), then connects to your camera’s PC-sync outlet. This outlet may be labeled “PC sync,” “PC terminal,” “X-sync socket,” “external flash connector,” or “flash sync terminal” – the label varies by camera manufacturer. If your specific camera does not have a PC outlet, we offer a hot shoe adapter that fits in the standard ISO hot shoe of most cameras to enable PC-connection. For additional flash/camera synchronization options, see the information below about remote controls.

Light Stands: Each White Lightning™ X-Series flash unit must be securely mounted to a light stand for use. The stand mount is compatible with all Paul C. Buff light stands as well as most standard light stands having top couplers up to 5/8-inch.

Portable Power: For portable, battery power we recommend the use of our Vagabond Portable Power Systems.

Remote Controls: The X-Series units may be used with our CyberSync™ system (compatible with both the CST transmitter and the Cyber Commander™). As the X-Series are generation one Paul C. Buff™ lights, they may be used with either the CSR, CSRB, CSR+ and/or CSRB+ receivers, but not the CSXCV transceiver. The units may additionally be used with the LG4X™ wired remote control as well as older Paul C. Buff™ remotes incorporating the telephone cord connection (such as the retired RR1 RadioRemote One). The units are compatible with most other third party triggering receivers (such as the PocketWizard®). A 1/4-inch to 1/8-inch non-attenuated mini male mono cord such as our CSSC-WL is required to connect the receiver to the X-Series unit.

PLM™ and Umbrellas: Each X-Series unit has an umbrella shaft that runs along the top length of the unit housing, fitting standard umbrella poles up to 3/8-inch in diameter. It may be used with the PLM™ system (both the current model and previous models) as well as retired Paul C. Buff™ umbrellas. With the PLM™ system's on-axis speedring mount may be used as well.

Softboxes and Octaboxes: The faceplate on each X-Series unit has four holding fingers that expand and contract to hold speedrings for softbox and octabox attachment. The unit may be used with any of our foldable softboxes, octaboxes or stripbox as well as retired models of Paul C. Buff™ softboxes and octaboxes. When using softboxes by other manufacturers, you will need to get a Paul C. Buff™ compatible speedring.

Reflectors: The four holding fingers on the faceplate also expand and contract to hold various reflectors. Each unit arrives with our 7AB/R 7-inch silver reflector for general use and is additionally compatible with our 8.5HOR 8.5-inch high-output silver reflector, the 11LTR 11-inch long-throw reflector, the 22HOBD and 22HOBD-W beauty dishes, the UBR background reflector and the 7UR reflector. The UMF LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe (and its associated accessories) may also be used. If you wish to use honeycomb grids, the 7-inch grids (HG10, HG20, HG30, HG40 and the HG4X set) are compatible with the supplied 7-inch reflector.

Gels and Filters: Our standard gels and filters (CF6, CF20, WF6, UV6, DF6 and ND6) may all be used with X-Series units, used with the LiteMod™ system or with the 7-inch reflector using clips.

Travel Gear: One X-Series X800 or X1600 unit can be carried in our PCBBAG Paul C. Buff™ single-light carrying bag (with the shipping cover, reflector, cords and room for other small accessories). All X-Series units (X800, X1600 and X3200) can be carried in the longer WLBAG White Lightning™ single-light carrying bag. For consideration of travel cases from other manufacturers, the X-Series X800 and X1600 dimensions are 11.875" length (including the shipping cover) x 7.125" height (from the top of the umbrella screw to the bottom of the light stand top coupler, folded back underneath the unit) x 4.6875" width. The X3200 measures 15.625” length x 7.125” height x 4.6875” width.

Replacing White Lightning™ Components: For future replacement needs, the flashtube used in each X-Series unit is the AWFT14MMUV flashtube. This is a user-replaceable tube arriving with instructions for replacement. The modeling lamp used in the unit is the 250W modeling lamp, also user-replaceable. While other flashtubes may not be substituted, other wattage modeling lamps may be used with the X-Series if a lower wattage bulb is desired. The bulb must have a standard, medium Edison-type base and may not exceed 250 watts.

For additional questions about White Lightning™ compatibility, please contact our customer service team.