So, you need some TLC. No problem.

  • Fill out and print a Repair Form. This form does not get sent to us electronically, it is merely a tool that helps you provide us with the necessary information to process your repair. The form also checks your product serial number to see whether or not the unit is still under warranty. Please print and include the form with your packaged unit to simplify the process.

  • Be sure to carefully package anything for return, and include a printed copy of this Repair Form with your package.

  • Just send the essentials. If you are sending in a flash unit, we do not need you to send the power cord, the sync cord, the reflector, the CSXCV transceiver, the carrying bag, the beauty dish, etc. - we just need the flash unit. We don’t want to risk anything getting damaged or lost.

  • You are responsible for shipping your equipment to us. You can use any shipping method and/or carrier desired. We advise using a method where tracking is available. You may wish to purchase insurance as well (we cannot be responsible for items that you ship to us using your preferred shipping method). Send your package to:
  • Paul C. Buff, Inc.™ Repairs
    2725 Bransford Avenue
    Nashville, Tennessee 37204

  • If your equipment is still under warranty (and you are in the U.S.), the service and repair is on us. We’ll repair your product that has become defective under normal use at no charge to you and we’ll pay for UPS Ground Standard Shipping (U.S. only) to return it. Call us if you’d like to pay for a more expedited method. Click here to read the full terms and details of our product warranty.

  • If your equipment is out of warranty, you can send it to us for service. Once we receive the equipment, we will contact you to discuss the repair options and costs.
  • EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2015: Due to increased rates from UPS, we can no longer offer flat rate shipping charges for the return shipment of your repaired items. When we contact you to discuss your repair, we will let you know the shipping charges and methods available for your specific location.

  • For Vagabond Systems repairs you may wish to contact us to diagnose the issue. If the issue is not with the battery, we recommend not sending it in as return shipping may be subject to air regulation fees. The fee is required all Vagabond™ products containing a lithium battery (the VLX™ system, the VM120 and VM120-230V Vagabond Mini™ Lithium systems, the VLXBAT spare battery, or the VMB8.8A spare battery) shipping by air or if you are located in AK, HI, or PR.

  • If you’re unsure about anything, call us. We can walk through the problems that you are experiencing to first find out whether or not repair service is needed. If we do need to bring your unit in, we can walk you through the repair process, let you know whether or not your unit is still under warranty, and estimate any non-warranty service charges.

U.S. Customers should return equipment to Paul C. Buff Inc.™ for warranty repairs and non-warranty repairs. No other companies or service providers are authorized to perform repairs, service or upgrades for U.S. customers.
Canadian Customers needing repairs and or service (whether warranty or non-warranty), contact us to discuss your options. All shipping fees, duties, taxes, brokerage fees, etc are the responsibility of the customer.

We additionally recommend our Canadian authorized service and repair center, Service Camera Pro, for both warranty and non-warranty repairs. Using this repair center in Canada allows our Canadian customers to have quality service for their equipment without the added expenses and extended turnaround time involved in shipping the equipment across the border to our facility. Read more about Service Camera Pro services here.
**Unitl futher notice, please send ALL DigiBee Flash Units to Paul C. Buff, Inc. headquarters as Service Camera Pro is not equipped to handle DigiBee repairs at this time. Also note, that Einstein Flash Units with serial number PRIOR to E64021779 MUST be sent to Paul C. Buff, Inc. headquarters for repair. Any serial number AFTER E64021779 can be sent to Service Camera Pro for repair.
International Customers who originally placed their order from us or from PCB Europe or PCB Australia can go through us for repairs and service (whether warranty or non-warranty), though all shipping costs to and from our offices will be the obligation of the customer.