The items below arrive standard with each Einstein E640 flash unit and are sold separately for replacement needs only. The flashtube and modeling lamp are both user replaceable, each arriving with instructions for replacement.
Einstein Dome Cover
  • replacement Pyrex frosted glass dome
  • for Einstein™ E640 flash units
  • lowers color temperature by approx. 300K
Einstein™ Dome Cover
Part Number: 1060836
Price: $9.95
250 Watt Lamp
  • replacement modeling lamp for Einstein™ E640 units
  • replacement modeling lamp for retired Zeus™ Z2500SH and Z2500BTH heads
  • 250 Watt bulb

  • Note: While the JD250W 250W bulb arrives with each Einstein unit, you can use our QL150 (150 Watt bulb) or 25W (25 Watt bulb) for replacement if lower wattage is needed.
250 Watt Lamp - Einstein™ and Zeus™
Part Number: JD250W
Price: $7.95
Einstein Flashtube
  • replacement flashtube for Einstein™ E640 units
  • single-ring, 12mm flashtube
  • UV-coated and daylight-balanced at 5600K
  • 200,000+ flash typical lifespan
  • lifespan dependent upon power levels and frequency of shooting
Einstein™ Flashtube
Part Number: MAXFT12MMUV
Price: $34.95
10º Honeycomb Grid for the 7AB/R 7-inch Reflector
  • 15-foot sync cord
  • 1/8-inch (3.5mm) mini to PC-connection
  • arrives with AlienBees™ (B400, B800 and B1600) units
  • arrives with Einstein™ E640 units
  • arrives with LG4X™ remote controls
  • More Info...
15-foot Sync Cord (1/8-inch plug)
Part Number: ABSC
Price: $7.95
15-foot Power Cord
  • down-angle 15-foot, 3-prong grounded power cord
  • arrives with all Einstein™ E640 units
  • down-angle head connection at flash unit
  • may be used with all Paul C. Buff™ 120V standard flash units

  • Note: While the DAUPC15 15-foot power cord arrives with each Einstein™ E640 unit, you can use our UPC25 (25-foot power cord) or UPC15 (standard 15-foot power cord) for replacement if a longer cord or standard cord is desired. For use with the Vagabond systems, we also offer the VM-UPC3-120V 3-foot power cord.
15-foot Down-Angle Power Cord
Part Number: DAUPC15
Price: $9.95
Light Stand Mounting Block for AlienBees and Einstein
  • replacement light stand mounting block for use with AlienBees™ and Einstein™ flash units
  • all aluminium mounting block
  • fits on light stands with brass studs up to 5/8-inch
AlienBees™ / Einstein™ Mounting Block
Part Number: AEMBA
Price: $10.00