The items below arrive standard with each White Lightning X-Series flash unit (X800, X1600, and X3200) and are sold separately for replacement needs only. The flashtube and modeling lamp are both user replaceable, each arriving with instructions for replacement.
7-inch Standard Silver Reflector
  • general use field reflector
  • bright silver with a smooth finish
  • 80° beam spread
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7-inch Standard Reflector
Part Number: 7AB/R
Price: $14.95
Long Shipping Cover
  • replacement standard long shipping cover
  • black ABS protective shipping cover
  • fits over the flashtube(s) and modeling lamp
  • arrives with all AlienBees™ (B400, B800 and B1600) flash units
  • arrives with White Lightning™ X-Series units
  • may be used with retired White Lightning™ Ultra Series and UltraZAPs
Long Shipping Cover
Part Number: 1060032
Price: $5.95
250 Watt Lamp
  • replacement modeling lamp for White Lightning™ X-Series units
  • 250 Watt quartz bulb (standard Edison base)
  • NOT for use with AlienBees™ flash units

  • Note: While the Q250W bulb arrives with each X-Series unit, you can use our 150W (150 Watt bulb), 100W (100 Watt bulb) or 60W (60 Watt bulb) for replacement if lower wattage is desired.
250 Watt Lamp - X-Series
Part Number: Q250W
Price: $12.95
Paul C. Buff Standard Flashtube
  • replacement flashtube for:
  • AlienBees™ B400, B800 and B1600 units
  • White Lightning™ X-Series, Ultra Zap and Zap 1000 units
  • single-ring, 14mm flashtube
  • UV-coated and daylight-balanced at 5600K
  • 250,000+ flash typical lifespan
Paul C. Buff™ Standard Flashtube
Part Number: AWFT14MMUV
Price: $34.95
15-foot White Lightning
  • 15-foot sync cord
  • 1/4-inch to PC-connection
  • arrives with White Lightning™ X-Series units
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15-foot Sync Cord (1/4-inch plug)
Part Number: SC
Price: $7.95
15-foot Power Cord
  • down-angle 15-foot, 3-prong grounded power cord
  • arrives with all AlienBees™ units
  • arrives with White Lightning™ X-Series units
  • arrives with Einstein™ flash units
  • down-angle head connection at flash unit
  • may be used with all Paul C. Buff™ 120V standard flash units

  • Note: While the DAUPC15 15-foot power cord arrives with each White Lightning™ unit, you can use our UPC25 (25-foot power cord) or UPC15 (standard 15-foot power cord) for replacement if a longer cord or standard cord is desired. For use with the Vagabond systems, we also offer the VM-UPC3-120V 3-foot power cord.
15-foot Down-Angle Power Cord
Part Number: DAUPC15
Price: $9.95
Light Stand Mounting Block for White Lightning
  • replacement light stand mounting block
  • arrives on White Lightning™ X-Series flash units
  • for use with the retired White Lightning™ UltraZAP units
  • heavy-duty metal mounting block
  • fits on light stands with brass studs up to 5/8-inch
White Lightning™ Mounting Block
Part Number: XMBA
Price: $19.95
White Lightning Single Light Carrying Bag
  • lightweight hatbox-style carrying bag
  • carries one single White Lightning™ flash unit
  • for around-town travel (not suitable for airlines)
  • More Info...
White Lightning™ Single Light Carrying Bag
Part Number: WLBAG
Price: $13.95