Studio Flash Explained

Studio Flash Explained
Read about different topics related to studio flash, most written by Paul C. Buff himself! Learn more about color temperature, syncing, flash duration and more.

Studio Flash Basics
Efficiency, Wattseconds and Units of Measure
Color Temperature and Color Balance
Flash Duration
Light Behavior Basics
Inverse Square Law
Understanding Xenon Flash
Syncing to the Camera and Sync Speeds
Exposure, Histograms and Flashmeters
Simple Lighting Setups
Monolights Vs. Power Packs
Battery Powering of Studio Flash
Light Shaping and Modifiers
How Much Power?

Lighting Glossary
If you’re new to some of the terms and lingo, refer to our lighting terms glossary here.

Lighting For Still Photography by Paul C. Buff
This comprehensive guide has become famous among our customers for the wealth of information that it provides, offering insight into the behavior of light with applications for photographers. The guide covers various sources of lighting with practical explanations for the myriad terms used to define light intensity and provides information on calculating light requirements and determining effective flashpower. This is an excellent guide and enjoyable read (no stereo-instruction-style writing included!) for all photographers who are interested in understanding lighting better. Read it online or call us to request a hard copy.