LG4X LG4X AlienBees Remote Jack
LG4X™ Four-Channel Wired Remote Control
Part Number: LG4X
Price: $99.95
  • four-channel wired remote control
  • controls flashpower of up to four flash units
  • common modeling lamp setting selection
  • connects via RC11 phone jack
  • for AlienBees™ and White Lightning™ units
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 2-Year Factory Warranty
The LG4X™ Four-Channel Wired Remote Control provides convenient, hand-held operation of up to four Paul C. Buff™ flash units (generation one AlienBees™ and White Lightning™ units only). With a unique slider for each connected unit, you can adjust the flashpower of each unit individually over 5 f-stops (from Full down to 1/32 power). For modeling lamp previews, the unit offers common selection of modeling lamp mode to Full, Off, or Tracking. Running on standard 1.5 volt AA batteries, the unit connects to your lights using four color coded telephone cords, with a common sync connection to all lights. You can simply manipulate all of the lights in your studio from one location, without having to run back and forth from each light as you setup your scene. The LG4X™ remote control can easily operate up to four lights at distances of 100 feet or more without misfires.

The LG4X™ connects to your camera with the supplied sync cord so that pressing your camera shutter sends the cue to fire to the remote and to all connected flash units simultaneously.

The LG4X™ Remote is a convenient 2.75" x 5.25" x 1" size, and arrives with four 25-foot color-coded telephone cords, two AA batteries, one ABSC 15-foot sync cord (1/8-inch mono plug to PC-connection), and blank “dummy” plugs for disengaging the flash units’ slave trippers when necessary.

  • four color-coded 25-foot telephone cords (part #1120037)
  • two AA batteries
  • the ABSC 15-foot sync cord (1/8" to PC)
  • four 1/4-inch blank "dummy" plugs (part #1100911)
  • four 1/8-inch blank "dummy" plugs (part #1100739)
  • your LG4X™ Owner's Manual
Flash Units: The LG4X™ is designed for use with Paul C. Buff™ flash units only. The unit connects to up to four individual flash units via the supplied RJ11 telephone cords and is therefore only compatible with generation one Paul C. Buff™ units (the AlienBees™ units, the White Lightning™ units and the retired Zeus™ power packs). The LG4X™ is not compatible with the DigiBee units or Einstein units as these units do not have RJ11 telephone jacks.

Telephone Cords: The LG4X™ ships with four color-coded 25-foot cords for connection. These are standard RJ11 telephone cords. For replacement or spare cords, see item 1120037 in our hardware section, or you may use off-the-shelf modular telephone cables purchased locally. Cords up to 100 feet in length may be used. Simply ensure that the cables used have four internal wires, as cables with only two wires will not work.

Camera Connection: The LG4X™ connects to your camera with the provided ABSC sync cord (1/8-inch to PC connection). The cord plugs into the sync jack on the LG4X™ unit, then into your camera’s PC outlet. If you camera does not have a PC outlet, our HSA Hot Shoe Adapter may be used to accommodate connection.