The 30-inch Moon Unit™
The Moon Unit™ is our unique softbox-like accessory for use with the AlienBees™ ABR800 Ringflash and the retired Zeus™ Ringmaster flash head. The 30-inch model offers a reversible silver or gold bounce interior and translucent white front panel with a variety of configuration options for different catchlight structures as well as different styles of light formation on the subject. The optional light-shaping mask set provides additional customization of both the light quantity and catchlights.
30-inch Moon Unit
  • unique softbox-like accessory for the ringflash
  • with center hole for aim-through use
  • for use with the ABR800 and retired ZRM1 ringflashes only
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30-inch Moon Unit™
Part Number: MU30
Price: $59.95
Moon Unit™ Replacement Accessories
Moon Unit™ Speedring
  • replacement speedring for the MU30 and MU56
  • rotating speedring for attachment to ringflash units
Moon Unit™ Speedring
Part Number: ABRSR
Price: $9.95
  • replacement aim-through holder
  • reflector/diffuser holder for the MU56
  • also arrives with the MU30
Aim-Through Reflector for MU56
Part Number: 1060829
Price: $8.95
  • replacement non-aim-through holder
  • reflector/diffuser holder for the MU56
Non-Aim-Through Reflector for MU56
Part Number: 1060830
Price: $7.95
56-inch Moon Unit Rods
  • replacement rods for the MU30
  • set of 10 fiberglass rods
Set of 10 Rods for MU30
Part Number: MU30RDS
Price: $8.95