Replacement and Optional Shipping Covers
DigiBee Cover
  • replacement DigiBee shipping cover
  • black polycarbonate, honeycomb-embossed cover
  • fits over the DigiBee flashtube and modeling lamp / dome
  • arrives with all DigiBee (DB400 and DB800) flash units
DigiBee Shipping Cover
Part Number: 1060419
Price: $5.95
Long Shipping Cover
  • replacement standard long shipping cover
  • black ABS protective shipping cover
  • fits over the flashtube(s) and modeling lamp
  • arrives with all AlienBees™ (B400, B800 and B1600) flash units
  • arrives with White Lightning™ X-Series units
  • may be used with retired White Lightning™ Ultra Series and UltraZAPs
Long Shipping Cover
Part Number: 1060032
Price: $5.95
Einstein Shipping Cover
  • replacement shipping cover for Einstein™ flash units
  • black polycarbonate protective shipping cover
  • may be used with AlienBees™ (B400, B800 and B1600) units without the modeling lamp
  • may be used with X-Series units without the modeling lamp
  • arrives with Einstein™ flash units
Einstein™ Shipping Cover
Part Number: 1060203
Price: $8.95