22-inch Reflector Bag 22-inch Reflector Bag 22-inch Reflector Bag 22-inch Reflector Bag
22-inch Reflector Bag
Part Number: HOBD-BAG
Price: $29.95
  • lightweight soft-side carrying bag
  • holds one High Output Beauty Dish (either white or silver) with up to two 22-inch grids
  • holds one OMNI™ Reflector
  • or holds one Retro Laser™ Reflector
  • two compartments with a padded divider
  • interior pocket holds the Beauty Dish light blocker or the Retro Laser™ speedring
  • for around-town travel (not suitable for airlines)
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty

The HOBD-BAG 22-inch Reflector Carrying Bag is a padded nylon case for light, around-town travel with your Paul C. Buff™ Beauty Dish and grids, OMNI™ 18-inch reflector, or Retro Laser™ reflector.

The bag has two individually-zipped compartments. The large compartment holds one Beauty Dish (either the HOBD silver model or the HOBD-W white model), the OMNI™ 18-inch reflector, or the Retro Laser™ reflector while the smaller compartment holds one or two 22-inch grids. With the Beauty Dish, the light blocker can be stored in the bag’s 10-inch interior pocket. The pocket is used to store the speedring when carrying the Retro Laser™ reflector.
The expandable strap allows the bag to be carried on your shoulder or across your body for comfortable, around-town travel.

22” (diameter) bag, tapers to 13” (diameter)
9” depth
10” square interior pocket
included strap extends from 36” to 60”

The HOBD-BAG is suitable for carrying one Paul C. Buff™ Beauty Dish (either the HOBD silver model or the HOBD-W white model) with the light blocker and the diffusion sock. With either Beauty Dish, the bag is additionally capable of holding up to two 22-inch grids in the front compartment.

The bag can also be used to carry the Retro Laser™ reflector with the speedring attachment or the OMNI™ 18-inch reflector.

The bag is NOT compatible with retired, previous models of beauty dishes offered by Paul C. Buff, Inc.™ (such as the retired 22R reflector) as the shape of the bag is specific to the current model’s design.

Note: The HOBD-BAG is a soft-sided carrying bag for around-town travel. The bag is NOT to be used for airline travel or any other type or travel where the bag and its contents will not be handled with care.