56-inch Moon Unit 56-inch Moon Unit 56-inch Moon Unit 56-inch Moon Unit
56-inch Moon Unit™
Part Number: MU56
Price: $44.95
Order now while supplies last! We are no longer able to get components of the 56-inch Moon Unit™ made to our specifications. As demand for the product has been low, we will be discontinuing the item. The MU56 and all accessories will be available only while supplies last.
  • unique softbox-like accessory for the ringflash
  • 56-inch round, on-axis light source
  • produces subtle, controlled shadows
  • with center hole for aim-through use
  • minuscule depth and weight
  • reversible silver or white interior
  • for use with the ABR800 and ZRM1 ringflashes only
  • arrives with rotating speedring for attachment
Note: The front diffusion fabric is NOT included with the MU56 as there are various fabric options available. Please be sure to choose one of our front diffusion fabrics (each sold separately) for different qualities and effects.

The 56-inch Moon Unit™ is a highly adaptable accessory for our AlienBees™ ABR800 ringflash or our retired Zeus™ ZRM1 Ringmaster head. It acts as an extremely low weight, ultra thin 56-inch octabox, or a giant 50-inch ringflash for conventional use, or a shadow-free halo light when mounted on-camera for traditional aim-through ringflash use. The various shapes offer a variety of degrees of diffusion and blocking of direct flash.

Because of its miniscule depth and weight, the 56-inch Moon Unit™ can be easily hand-held on the camera or used in small studios with low ceilings where other modifiers of this size won't fit.

The MU56 consists of a speedring that wraps the Moon Unit™ around the ringflash to maintain a thin profile and optimal center of gravity. Eight fiberglass rods and a reversible silver/white fabric form a thin, umbrella-like structure. A system of reflectors and diffusers is attached to the ringflash with its quick release mechanism. These may be used in a variety of configurations for differing degrees of diffusion.

Different front diffuser fabrics with silk-screened pattern masks are available with a center hole for on-camera "aim-through" use, and without the center hole for conventional off-camera applications. When configured as an aim-through or conventional softbox of various shapes the light quality and evenness rivals that obtained with conventional softboxes weighing considerably more and having five times the physical depth.

The 56-inch Moon Unit™ foundation package includes the speedring, 8 fiberglass rods (plus two spare rods), the reversible silver / white outer fabric, the primary and secondary diffusers and the reflector / diffuser holders for both aim-through (on-camera) and conventional "no center hole" configurations for off-camera use. Add to this your choice of Front Diffuser Fabrics (sold separately) to complete your Moon Unit™.
Weight: 30 ounces

Depth: 2.75 inches
Depth with the ABR800™ AlienBees Ringflash: 7.25 inches
Depth with the retired ZRM1 Zeus™ Ringmaster: 5.5 inches

Diameter: 56 inches
(note: the exposed diameter varies with the use of different front diffusion fabrics)
Included Diagram

  1. the reversible silver / white fabric backing (MU56SWF)

  2. 8 fiberglass rods to form the frame of the unit (MU56RDS)
    + 2 spare / replacement rods for your convenience

  3. the ABRSR black speedring

  4. the 1060832 primary diffuser

  5. the 1060833 secondary diffuser

  6. the 1060829 aim-through diffuser / reflector holder

  7. the 1060830 non-aim-through diffuser holder

  8. the MUPCH 56-inch Moon Unit™ carrying pouch

  9. your MU56 Owner's Manual

Note: Instructions for assembly of pieces are included in the manual.
Flash Units: The MU56 56-inch Moon Unit™ is designed for use exclusively with Paul C. Buff™ ringflash units - the ABR800 AlienBees™ Ringflash and the retired ZRM1 Zeus™ Ringmaster flash head. The MU56 cannot be used with any other flash units.

Front Diffusion Fabrics: The MU56 56-inch Moon Unit™ is designed for use with our various Moon Unit™ Front Diffusion Fabrics. We offer seven fabrics for seven different light-shaping capabilities: the DF56OCH, DF50RCH, and DF50RNGCH with cut center holes for traditional aim-through ringflash use, and the DF56ONH, DF50RNH, DF39SNH, and DF39WPNH without center holes for off-camera use.

Carrying Bag: The MU56 56-inch Moon Unit™ disassembles to fit inside one compartment of the MUBAG Moon Unit™ Carrying Bag, leaving room in the two remaining compartments for a ringflash, other flash, an additional Moon Unit™ or other small accessory.

Speedring: Each MU56 56-inch Moon Unit™ arrives with the rotating speedring for attachment. For replacement needs only, the ABRSR is available for purchase separately.

For other replacement parts, see our Moon Unit™ page.