30-inch Moon Unit 30-inch Moon Unit 30-inch Moon Unit 30-inch Moon Unit
30-inch Moon Unit™
Part Number: MU30
Price: $59.95
  • unique softbox-like accessory for the ringflash
  • 30-inch round, on-axis light source
  • produces subtle, controlled shadows
  • with center hole for aim-through use
  • minuscule depth and weight
  • for use with the ABR800 and retired ZRM1 ringflashes only
  • arrives with rotating speedring for attachment
  • 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty
The 30-inch Moon Unit™ is a unique softbox-like accessory that attaches to the AlienBees™ ABR800 ringflash unit or retired Zeus™ ZRM1 Ringflash head with its own quick-release rotating speedring. Unlike conventional softboxes, the camera lens can "see" through the center of the Moon Unit™, thereby achieving a unique large-source light on the camera axis. Using the ringflash with the Moon Unit™ produces subtle, controlled, almost indiscernible shadows and large appealing catchlights at modest camera-to-subject distances. Its minuscule depth and weight allow handholding right along with your camera, or you can use it as a conventional off-camera compact softbox.

The Moon Unit™ is extremely lightweight, compact and easy to assemble. It consists of a reversible gold / silver reflector surface in an octagonal shape, a removable front nylon diffuser with center hole, a removable black fabric mask to convert the octagonal shape to a perfect circle, a rotating speedring, assembly rods and a special reflector that properly bounces the flash energy into the Moon Unit™ (instead of forward). If all the above elements are used, the result is a soft, round 30-inch aim-through light source - thus the name Moon Unit™. Remove the black mask and it becomes an aim-through 31-inch octabox. If the diffuser is removed, it becomes a silver or gold umbrella-like source for increased specularity. Finally, removing the center reflector yields an intense center light source surrounded by a dimmer 30-inch round or 31-inch octagonal halo of light, either diffused by the front fabric or bounced directly from the gold or silver umbrella-type surface. Each configuration yields a different catchlight structure as well as different styles of light formation on the subject.
Weight: 0.5 pounds

Depth: 2.5 inches
Depth with the ABR800™ AlienBees Ringflash: 7 inches
Depth with the retired ZRM1 Zeus™ Ringmaster: 5.25 inches

Diameter: 31 inches without black edge mask / 30 inches with black edge mask
(note: the exposed diameter varies with the use of different masks)

See Expected Output
  1. the reversible gold / silver fabric backing

  2. 8 fiberglass rods to form the frame of the unit (MU30RDS)
    + 2 spare / replacement rods for your convenience

  3. the black speedring (attaches to the face of the ringflash)

  4. the aim-through reflector

  5. the white front diffusion fabric

  6. the black fabric mask (fits over the front fabric)

  7. your MU30 Owner's Manual

Flash Units: The MU30 30-inch Moon Unit™ is designed for use exclusively with Paul C. Buff™ ringflash units - the ABR800 AlienBees™ Ringflash and the retired ZRM1 Zeus™ Ringmaster flash head. The MU30 cannot be used with any other flash units.

Mask Set: The MU30-MASKS Moon Unit™ Mask Set is designed for use with the 30-inch Moon Unit, with each die-cut mask fitting over the assembled face of the Moon Unit, held in place by the black fabric edge piece that arrives with each MU30 Moon Unit.

Carrying Bag: The MU30 30-inch Moon Unit™ disassembles to fit inside one compartment of the MUBAG Moon Unit™ Carrying Bag, leaving room in the two remaining compartments for a ringflash, other flash, an additional Moon Unit™ or other small accessory.

Speedring: Each MU30 30-inch Moon Unit™ arrives with the rotating speedring for attachment. For replacement needs only, the ABRSR is available for purchase separately.